Second Life-Second Chance

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Actually I am astonished for the great energy that streams from all the artists in the metaverse. Musicians, painters, video makers,photographers always look for virtual stages that let them express their feelings and their creativity.
Second Life offers a great (second) chance to all:it allows to go through paths that maybe have been inaccessible so far.
Of course everyone can drop in the web their works though blogs, web sites, facebook and so on, but only Second Life can give a "real" feedback because behind the avatars real people clap or boo during the events.
That's why Second Life is still alive and kicking:music venues, art galleries and "virtual" universities open almost everyday, gathering energies and passions that maybe have been hidden under the clutches of ordinary people fighting for day-by-day living...the need to pay our bill can be an heavy boulder for artistic ambitions.
I'd like to know your stories of "virtual" (and maybe, why not, real)artistic achievements inworld...:)


Jon Bazar said...

Yee-Haw Sandy.......Love your interviews, comments, Blogs...... See you In-World.........