Beyond the tips!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Why a musician, a singer, decides to start to perform in Second Life?
As a matter of fact inworld gigs can help to pay RL bills.
Outside Lindens world it's hard to understand how SL economy works, but even if SL is no more under the media spotlights as a couple of years ago there are many people who daily log in in order to enjoy the kind of entertainement offered by live music gigs.
Musicians can play for a fee , for tips only or for a fee and tips.Tips are very appreciated by the musicians because if the audience sticking around at their gigs decide to drop some lindens in their tip jar this means that they are appreciating their show.Of course not all the artists can get tips, and this can be very frustrating sometimes.
By the way some of the artists use SL stages for the main reason that they consider worth to try to use this web 2.0 community to promote the original music they do:more than others social network such as Facebook or MySpace ,Second Life and its live music shows allows to reach an international audience.Musicians can use these contacts both for selling their mp3 (there are any systems to do this)and for promote their RL live performance.
So definitely tips are not so important after all...

Quoting the Boss...

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Some of the friends, both venue owners and musicians, who kindly added a post on this blog said that they appreciate my help.
In the last two years I've been just sharing infos about the musicians I loved, trying to help them to perform in the coolest venues inworld.
Everything started without any kind of planning:it's been a sort of unexpected wordmouth.
In Second Life it's easy to find all sort of supermanagers who define themselves C.E.O. ,M.D. or Presidents of some powerful companies whose aim is to promote and manage in a super-pro way all kinds of events:you know... that kind of people ready to drop you contracts that strictly list what you can or you cannot do if you do a deal with them.
In my profile I just quote the Boss but so far I planned about 4,000 gigs (omg it's about 19.000.000 linden dollars!).
Well, definitely I think that we don't need any special tag and that the best contract is the one we call...gentlemen's agreement.
I call it sometimes "human touch".

Behind the avatars

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Who are the men (or women) behind their avatars?Actually I never asked anyone anything about their RL.But I suddendly realized that the essence of a person can be discovered even in a total lack of informations.
I met more than 150 live musicians, many of them are really special persons for me, not just because they are in my friendlist:I won't talk about the ones who are not so close to me.
What can I say to you it's what makes an SL artist very special for me:kindness,willingness to cooperate,humility and good temper are definitely the best qualities in a person who is a live musician on the very special inworld stages... In SL things are of course so don't need any truck to carry instruments and other stuff or to reserve an hotel for your band takes only to be safe and quiet at home in the right moment, hopefully with a good broadband connection and with your pc still alive and kicking...Definitely artists have to be serious but they don't have to take themselves too seriously...

Absolute beginner

Monday, 20 April 2009

Second Life is the place where almost everything can happen even to an absolute beginner ...
After a couple of months spent just hanging around with some friends, camping and exploring I guess I would have quit the game (which is not a game at all) .What kept me inworld has been the chance to start running a live music venue. Since I met Swina Allen, the owner of the :::Italian Mood::: something changed in my way to look at Second Life.
We kept together the decision to make there a sort of showcase and a workshop where it were possible to host any type of live music event.It was just a dream but we decided to dream it together...and of course anyone of us had any experience in this field in our RL...

...the magic in SL live music

Sunday, 19 April 2009

When I started SL two years ago I remeber that my first great experience has been to attend to a live music gig...Mankind Tracer was playing live somewhere and as a newbe as I was I felt really amazed both of listening to those songs and to share the same feelings with all the audience...I suddendly felt the magic in SL music:better and stronger than in RL gigs everyone can share his sensations with all the people who are in the same place at the same time even if they are in RL thousands of miles apart and of course with the artists on stage.
I'd like to know what do you think about this, now that hundreds of musicians perform daily inworld:do you feel the same sensations?


Saturday, 18 April 2009

Hello musiclovers!
After 2 years during which I've been completely involved in Second Life live music I decided to start putting some ideas in this blog, whose aim is not to promote any special events or performers, but just to give room to all the ideas or feelings about our common passions!