Money for nothing...

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

As everyone knows it's become very hard recently to run a live music venue in Second Life.
Many musicians consider their gigs as a source of income so they ask an appropriate fee.
However venues owners cannot afford paying fees because they already spend so much money to Linden Lab for the tiers and they never get enough tips from the audience.
Someone is trying to sort it out charging a ticket for the concerts.
I guess that this solution can only worsen the problem.
Maybe the business side has corrupted the pristine enthusiasme that pervaded some years ago all the live music scene in Second Life, when the aim that moved the musicians was just to let their music flying freely in the web.
As a matter of fact musicians who really propose something new in Second Life are very few.The most part sing covers and don't even try to propose anything new.
Maybe the problem is that the number of musicians streaming live inworld increased considerably , to the detriment of quality itself.
Maybe the musician himself should support the venue that host him,expecially those venues that can guarantee a good following because of the time and money their owners spend into them.
People should be motivated to discover new talents and new projects in Second Life and support the artists both tipping them and downloading and promoting their original tunes in the countries where they live:it's virtual marketing, baby!
Actually it's very hard to find a solution:as a matter of fact many live music venues close and quit SL.
And the nitty-gritty is:no more venues, no more live music in Second Life.


Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

I've found numerous solutions (which I've posted on my blog) for both the venue owners and the performers.

The problem is that venue owners (most of them) have no business sense whatsoever. They build their venue based on a desire to do so, and then expect the world to give them money for it.

The solution is for venue owners to stop thinking they deserve and expect anything from anyone.... instead they should act like business owners. JMO

I won't change my mind on this because after I posted "Ways venues can be a profitable business in Second Life" and no venue owners cared to read it, it just showed me that venue owners don't really care to work at all to become a profitable business. They just want to build their creative dream and then expect everyone else to sustain them.