music and musicians on the web and in second life

Saturday, 13 February 2010

One of the major stake that indie musicians have to deal with on the web is visibility. Web brings up a lot of opportunities for indies musicians, but as a matter of fact, we daily experiment that the web brings anonymity at first.

How can a musician can be visible when lost among thousand of others in huge musician directories ? How can he or she put up a social network which works, when thousand of others musicians are harassing the members of places like myspace ?

And if we try to watch things on the public point of view : How can people make a difference between real indie musicians, those who are mature enough in their art, and "bathroom singers" when anyone can register anywhere as an artist ?

- A good way to get more visibility is to gather in a group of high quality artists, give a name to that group, so that people can be sure that they will get something good when they will listen or buy some music of a musician refering to that named group.

- The high level of quality of the group has to be preserved, so we need to have simple and clear rules for attendance and acceptation of new artists in the group.

- Online live music is still an unknown territory whose best pionners are already involved in Second Life. At the same time, on line live music can surely be a good strategy to get some visibility on the web, on virtual worlds like SL, but also on other places, using web tv, as well as web radios, and other media that we dont know yet.

- Virtual worlds are also good places to experiment new relationships between artists and public, and to find out new ways to build social networks that really works.

- We have to use the best of the new technologies and put up some tools that will be helpfull for each artist joining the group. Those tools have to use the latest features of web 2, rss automatic feedings for exemple, so that we can interconnect what each one is already doing on his or her side, instead of trying to do doing something new, which would be too much time consuming. Thoses tools could be : a weblog, a webradio, a tvchannel, a 3D place in SL, and so on ...