Friday, 8 May 2009

Why it's worth to try to start an SL career?
First of all musicians can earn some money:as a matter of fact even if Facebook seems to be so popular the truth is that it does not have yet any type of economy as SL has.
Inworld both venue owners and audience pay the musicians and this is a real not virtual money!
Of course an SL musician can also use the virtual stages to promote both his music and his RL performances:it's frequent to be invited to an RL concert during a virtual gig and many artists sell their CD inworld. This second reason too is a strictly an economic one.
Last but not the least, SL allows many forms of contaminations and musical testings among musicians located in different parts of the world.Well business is inside this motivation too undoubtedly it's much less expensive meet the artists inworld than in RL.
SL outflanks Facebook 3-0!