Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Who is a venue owner in Second Life? Basically he's a dreamer, even if he pretends to run a business.
Don't trust them when they say that they need "traffic" to rent homes or to please their sponsors.
Running a live music venue does not represent at all a source of revenue first of all because so far in SL all the gigs are totally available for free.
It looks so unfair to me that for the avatars it's worth to spend their linden dollars to buy hair,dresses or weapons but not to buy a ticket for a live music gig!
By the way this is a matter of fact and we all have to be grateful to them:they are the ones who allow the magic daily live show in Second Life.
Any by-end beside, just the wish to share good vibrations and the fun to see people enjoying the show, behind their pixels.