Imitation of Life

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Virtual world is perfect to share skills, emotions and good vibes with everyone.I alway thought that Second Life is a an amazing stage for musicians and artists too, because it allows to reach a great worldwide audience as well as artists from all over the world.
But sometimes it can do some dirty tricks especially to the part-time singers or visual artists, who make their own living in RL in a totally different way. These fake superstars may be induced to fall in a dangerous misunderstanding, considering the virtual life as a substitute of their real one:of course everyone of us would prefer to live as a praised to the sky rockstar or a famous artist, but unfortunately we know that it's not so easy.
Someone is not able to stop at the right time, and, bored by the monotony of his real life, begins to spends the most part of his time inworld, taking away hours and hours to their real job, family, hobbies...
Living in a fake world, pretending to be someone different, forgetting friends and duties,their imitation of life can make them loose forever their balance and their own way...