Beyond the tips!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Why a musician, a singer, decides to start to perform in Second Life?
As a matter of fact inworld gigs can help to pay RL bills.
Outside Lindens world it's hard to understand how SL economy works, but even if SL is no more under the media spotlights as a couple of years ago there are many people who daily log in in order to enjoy the kind of entertainement offered by live music gigs.
Musicians can play for a fee , for tips only or for a fee and tips.Tips are very appreciated by the musicians because if the audience sticking around at their gigs decide to drop some lindens in their tip jar this means that they are appreciating their show.Of course not all the artists can get tips, and this can be very frustrating sometimes.
By the way some of the artists use SL stages for the main reason that they consider worth to try to use this web 2.0 community to promote the original music they do:more than others social network such as Facebook or MySpace ,Second Life and its live music shows allows to reach an international audience.Musicians can use these contacts both for selling their mp3 (there are any systems to do this)and for promote their RL live performance.
So definitely tips are not so important after all...


Angro Belar said...

I think SL is a new interesting way to make music, and you can notice it seeing how many people come to hear new musicians, even if they are not professional, as me..for example! :) I'm agree with you Sandy when you say that tips are very appreciated by artists, because that means people acknowledge your work. But i have to admit that applauses, screams, and enthusiasm of the crowd give us the same effect. I play since one year in SL, and every time is like the first time, and this is not rhetoric, but the simply truth. And i have to say thanks to you also, because your work is always well done, and your love for music bring to sl new chances for a lot of new musicians that, expecially at the begin, find sl world very difficult. Brava Sandy!