Quoting the Boss...

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Some of the friends, both venue owners and musicians, who kindly added a post on this blog said that they appreciate my help.
In the last two years I've been just sharing infos about the musicians I loved, trying to help them to perform in the coolest venues inworld.
Everything started without any kind of planning:it's been a sort of unexpected wordmouth.
In Second Life it's easy to find all sort of supermanagers who define themselves C.E.O. ,M.D. or Presidents of some powerful companies whose aim is to promote and manage in a super-pro way all kinds of events:you know... that kind of people ready to drop you contracts that strictly list what you can or you cannot do if you do a deal with them.
In my profile I just quote the Boss but so far I planned about 4,000 gigs (omg it's about 19.000.000 linden dollars!).
Well, definitely I think that we don't need any special tag and that the best contract is the one we call...gentlemen's agreement.
I call it sometimes "human touch".