Behind the avatars

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Who are the men (or women) behind their avatars?Actually I never asked anyone anything about their RL.But I suddendly realized that the essence of a person can be discovered even in a total lack of informations.
I met more than 150 live musicians, many of them are really special persons for me, not just because they are in my friendlist:I won't talk about the ones who are not so close to me.
What can I say to you it's what makes an SL artist very special for me:kindness,willingness to cooperate,humility and good temper are definitely the best qualities in a person who is a live musician on the very special inworld stages... In SL things are of course so don't need any truck to carry instruments and other stuff or to reserve an hotel for your band takes only to be safe and quiet at home in the right moment, hopefully with a good broadband connection and with your pc still alive and kicking...Definitely artists have to be serious but they don't have to take themselves too seriously...


Silvia said...

Sandy, you do such a great job. Most of your artists are great professionals actively committed to live performances in SL. Continue the good work!. :)

Gregg said...

Sandy, your presence and devotion to live music and musicians is admirable and I for one thank you for that. Your dedication has helped me grow as one of the faces of SL live music. Keep doing what you do. We love you.