Absolute beginner

Monday, 20 April 2009

Second Life is the place where almost everything can happen even to an absolute beginner ...
After a couple of months spent just hanging around with some friends, camping and exploring I guess I would have quit the game (which is not a game at all) .What kept me inworld has been the chance to start running a live music venue. Since I met Swina Allen, the owner of the :::Italian Mood::: something changed in my way to look at Second Life.
We kept together the decision to make there a sort of showcase and a workshop where it were possible to host any type of live music event.It was just a dream but we decided to dream it together...and of course anyone of us had any experience in this field in our RL...


RoseDrop said...

Do you now that dream that musicians have? You know the one where you can’t seem to find the stage? Then you realize you don’t know the lyrics to the songs you are doing? And you realize you have NO PANTS? Well that was what my first performance in SL was like. Nothing prepared me, but I managed to get on.
Since then, I have played approaching 1000 shows in SL. It is a miracle. The audience are willing to listen to new music and wild improvisations. They allow me to be as creative as I can. This gift is most appreciated as I had given up playing my own material for public audiences. I was tired of the bars, moving gear, and hearing the same tired songs requested as if no one had ever thought of that... It is as if this was created just for me. Wondrous!

Teri said...

OnlyHalfCrazy Gumbo, that's me. I sang online long before Second Life, in another program. And I had fun. I also DJ'd for a while, so when I came to SL I was more prepared for the streaming than some.

However, my first gig I could not get on the stage, had no nifty animations, etc. Nobody minded.

I love singing on SL because I don't have to move the equipment, I don't have to PROTECT the equipment from the staggering dancers, and I NEVER get beer spilled on me.

The variety is better as well. I could never in a million years sing showtunes in a bar. I might get away with songs from GREASE, but you go into a bar and try singing Cabaret, see how far you get!

I also get to use the hamster, who is a big hit with a lot of folks. HE wouldn't make it on a RL stage either. I get more comments and more requests, and I don't have to load up the van and drive home afterwards!